Friday, January 26, 2007

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

Year of Jenny: Hey, we need to talk for a second.

Sebastian The List Man:
Uh oh. That doesn't sound good.

Year of Jenny: How can you tell what I sound like? I'm on IM.

Sebastian The List Man:
Jenny. Go.

Year of Jenny: K, I think you really upset Sophia with your last post about the transcendentalists.

Sebastian The List Man:
What? Sophia read the word "transcendentalists"?

Year of Jenny: SEE?

Sebastian The List Man:
I was kidding. You know that. Look, you know I love Sophia. I love all you girls. But ever since Eva's New Year's party when we had that random hookup, I get the feeling she wants to actually date me. And I know in Sunset Heat, we were VERY into eah other, but that was vacation and this is New York.

Year of Jenny: OMG you sound like that guy from Legally Blonde.

Sebastian The List Man:
Yeah I don't know what you're talking about.

Year of Jenny: Like how Chris Martin was all over that SNL intern for like a year but then when he realized he should get married it had to be Gwyneth.

Sebastian The List Man:
K what does Coldplay have to do with Sophia and Thoreau?

Year of Jenny: I think you're missing the point. Which is probably my fault. Sorry, major caffeine rush, went for Starbucks with the band and I'm buzzed.

Sebastian The List Man:
It's okay, go on.

Year of Jenny: What I'm trying to say is that Sophia is very upset. She thinks you think she's dumb.

Sebastian The List Man:
When does Sophia care what anybody thinks about her, ever? That's why she's so cool.

Year of Jenny: Exactly, so you know this is really serious.

Sebastian The List Man:
Look I would never want to hurt Sophia. She's incredible. You know that.

Year of Jenny: Yeah, she's been one of my best friends during this awful Reed thing. Which is shocking.

Sebastian The List Man:
But Sophia is on a different planet than me right now. I want to really make some art, get some things out there, make a difference, and every time I've tried to talk with Sophia, all she wants to talk about is like, Factory Girl.

Year of Jenny:Well. Maybe you should give her a chance to talk about something else.

Sebastian The List Man:
Okay, what does THAT mean?

Year of Jenny: Whatever, it's late, let's deal with this tomorrow. Brunch? 7A?

Sebastian The List Man:
Breakfast, I have a ton of work to do on this portfolio I'm sending to Rivington Arms.

Year of Jenny: K, that's fine. And just so you know - the transcendentalists are also a punk band.

Sebastian The List Man:
No crap. Really?

Year of Jenny: Really. love ya, bye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your view of religion? Transcendentalism is confusing. Is the 'goal', for lack of a better term, to reach a state similar to Buddhism's Nirvana?

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Annina said...

That's so you.

6:21 PM  

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