Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Downtown Art" is also "What Was In My Tenth Grade Locker"

Still trying to remain calm about the New York Magazine article on the downtown art scene, where it totally champions Dash Snow and his clown posse as the next generation of New York Cool.

Now I'm not pretending these guys aren't talented, because they definitely are, but to say they're heading up the next great Manhattan movement is ridiculous. For one thing, only Ryan has a real following outside New York. And for another, their incestuous social scene is sort of the same as a knot of prep school kids or a graduate program's study group - this is not like when Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne started sending each other manuscripts and creating maybe the best club in history - the transcendentalists.

Anyway I understand I'm ranting but wow I'm annoyed.

Also: last night Sophia asked what Transcendentalist meant and now I'm pretty sure we can't date, ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed on the art article. not living in NYC currently i wasn't aware the new art scene was being trumped by a young punk who was attempting to shed the art legacy of his family by becoming an artist. and honestly i wouldn't trade my morning latte for a framed cut out of a newspaper article on corrupt cops with his jizz on it...i get the whole 'art as life' the experience of an artist reflects the zeitgeist...but uh...definately not as enthusiastic about this dash guy as say the New Yorker

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh right and a trust fund kid judging one of his own knows a lot about art your life seems to be all about swankie parties and hanging out with your mindless bimbos talking about celebrities anything you know about art is obviously text book get a clue poor little rich boy

12:49 PM  

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