Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Denial: The Sunset Heat Way

Okay, I'm not even going to talk about what happened at Eva's Christmas party on Saturday (I think Eva and Sophia have done a pretty good job of describing it, ugh). Instead, here's my crack at the Sunset Heat survey, which, thank god, has nothing to do with making out with Sophia in a shoe closet.

Here we go...

Name: Sebastian Paraguas
Age: 23
Favorite Color: Burnt Sienna. Not really but I like that there was a color like that in the crayon box. Plus when I met Sienna in London last year I called her that. I don't think she got it. Anyway.
Favorite Song: Which Will by Nick Drake
Favorite Movie: City of God and Pollack.
Favorite Websites: I love which is not very arty but whatever
Favorite Store: Jeffrey. Everywhere else there are cute salesgirls to distract me. That one has mostly guys.
Favorite Restaurant: It's my mission to find the best steak in New York City. So far, Peter Luger's, but I still haven't gotten to STK.
Favorite Hobby: BEATING EVA AT TRIVIAL PURSUIT, EVA YOU ARE SUCH A CHEATER. Okay, for real, it's painting and also walking my dog, Chaucer, on the Park Loop.
Favorite Place: The park loop, with Chaucer.
Secret Wish: I wish so many people didn't know about my family and my money. It's not so fun. I don't want to be on SocialiteRank or whatever.
Not So Secret Wish: A Whitney Retrospective.
Biggest Achievement: Getting my parents to accept that I want to do art.
You’ll Never Be Without… Girls in my life causing drama!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sucks. You become paranoid. Not knowing if they're your friends for your money or what you can (theoretically) do for them or if they really just like you, though they can just like you. You're cool. You're funny. You're fun.
And by "you," I might mean "me." ha. Love your blog.

9:24 PM  

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