Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Babe of Basel

If you're lucky enough to be in Miami this week, stop by the Peter Seidler exhibit at the Design Center and introduce yourself to the lovely and amazing artist/model/economist/whatever Greer Smith (yeah that's her on the left): 3940 North Miami Avenue in the Design District., 8pm-12 am. Should be a blast.

As for me, I am NOT in Miami so I'm off to dinner with Sophia, who is taking me somewhere called Zen Palate, which I assume has fake meat. I am so not stoked about this but weirdly, Sophia's not as clueless as she seems and sometimes, she has great ideas (once in Sunset Heat I wanted to paint but didn't have a canvas; she asked the pool boy for a patio umbrella, helped me dismantle it, and voila, canvas... sort of genius actually).

Wish me luck - me and tofu are not so good together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny, I'm pretty sure I saw Greer handing out wine there. I took some photos of the art, check them out here:

10:28 PM  

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