Monday, December 04, 2006

A Gawkward Pause

Sophia keeps calling me about the Employees Only party tonight and if I want to go. And I do, but it's hard going to parties with Sophia because no other girls will come near us! It's like we have a forcefield around us and nobody can come close. No fun. And definitely no new girls. Any solutions on how to solve this? It was exactly the same way in Sunset Heat too, I'll never forget when she pushed Jenny into the pool...

Anyway, just got psyched because Gawker started a new feature, where they fill empty ad space with up-and-coming artwork (my favorite by Sophia Peers is above). I'm wondering what I should submit - does a parody of a perfume campaign count?


Blogger alanna said...

did you ask out sophia or did she ask you?
Aah, i sounf like the biggest stalker ever. believe me, i'm not.

3:19 PM  

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