Friday, January 26, 2007

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

Year of Jenny: Hey, we need to talk for a second.

Sebastian The List Man:
Uh oh. That doesn't sound good.

Year of Jenny: How can you tell what I sound like? I'm on IM.

Sebastian The List Man:
Jenny. Go.

Year of Jenny: K, I think you really upset Sophia with your last post about the transcendentalists.

Sebastian The List Man:
What? Sophia read the word "transcendentalists"?

Year of Jenny: SEE?

Sebastian The List Man:
I was kidding. You know that. Look, you know I love Sophia. I love all you girls. But ever since Eva's New Year's party when we had that random hookup, I get the feeling she wants to actually date me. And I know in Sunset Heat, we were VERY into eah other, but that was vacation and this is New York.

Year of Jenny: OMG you sound like that guy from Legally Blonde.

Sebastian The List Man:
Yeah I don't know what you're talking about.

Year of Jenny: Like how Chris Martin was all over that SNL intern for like a year but then when he realized he should get married it had to be Gwyneth.

Sebastian The List Man:
K what does Coldplay have to do with Sophia and Thoreau?

Year of Jenny: I think you're missing the point. Which is probably my fault. Sorry, major caffeine rush, went for Starbucks with the band and I'm buzzed.

Sebastian The List Man:
It's okay, go on.

Year of Jenny: What I'm trying to say is that Sophia is very upset. She thinks you think she's dumb.

Sebastian The List Man:
When does Sophia care what anybody thinks about her, ever? That's why she's so cool.

Year of Jenny: Exactly, so you know this is really serious.

Sebastian The List Man:
Look I would never want to hurt Sophia. She's incredible. You know that.

Year of Jenny: Yeah, she's been one of my best friends during this awful Reed thing. Which is shocking.

Sebastian The List Man:
But Sophia is on a different planet than me right now. I want to really make some art, get some things out there, make a difference, and every time I've tried to talk with Sophia, all she wants to talk about is like, Factory Girl.

Year of Jenny:Well. Maybe you should give her a chance to talk about something else.

Sebastian The List Man:
Okay, what does THAT mean?

Year of Jenny: Whatever, it's late, let's deal with this tomorrow. Brunch? 7A?

Sebastian The List Man:
Breakfast, I have a ton of work to do on this portfolio I'm sending to Rivington Arms.

Year of Jenny: K, that's fine. And just so you know - the transcendentalists are also a punk band.

Sebastian The List Man:
No crap. Really?

Year of Jenny: Really. love ya, bye.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Downtown Art" is also "What Was In My Tenth Grade Locker"

Still trying to remain calm about the New York Magazine article on the downtown art scene, where it totally champions Dash Snow and his clown posse as the next generation of New York Cool.

Now I'm not pretending these guys aren't talented, because they definitely are, but to say they're heading up the next great Manhattan movement is ridiculous. For one thing, only Ryan has a real following outside New York. And for another, their incestuous social scene is sort of the same as a knot of prep school kids or a graduate program's study group - this is not like when Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne started sending each other manuscripts and creating maybe the best club in history - the transcendentalists.

Anyway I understand I'm ranting but wow I'm annoyed.

Also: last night Sophia asked what Transcendentalist meant and now I'm pretty sure we can't date, ever.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anarchy and Art

Ever wondered how to turn your least-favorite ad into very cool art? Watch this video from my friends at The Abstractor, who show you in four easy steps how to transform a video billboard into a postmodern light installation.

Besides being a really good prank, this activity might also make a good date if you're both in art school, down with dressing like cat burglars, and okay with getting your hands dirty.

So I guess Sophia and Eva would never try it...