Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Blow Up (Doll)

There's a weird trend happening for Art Basel (art basel, noun, a huge booze fueled party in Miami where the ostensible cause is art and the real cause is having your photo taken, wouldn't be caught dead there unless of course I get to exhibit).

First, MAC Cosmetics is having a dinner for Dita Von Teese. Of course, a dinner with Dita Von Teese probably consists of a can of whipped cream and that's it.

Then Bottega Veneta is throwing Liz Goldwyn a party for her new book, which is, um, about Dita Von Teese. Again, I'm assuming the hors d'ouevres come out of a ready whip can.

Seriously, this is amazing. All I need to do to get my own Art Basel show is have Eva, Sophia, and Jenny run around in matching bikinis while maybe reciting some random Portueguese nursery rhyme and drinking Diet Coke out of a bottle, and everyone would be like, "oooh, this is so progressive, I love it."

Wait a second... why is Eva, Sophia, and Jenny running around in their bikinis a bad idea? Dude, I'm so getting into Art Basel next year...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goldwyn's book isn't about Dita—it's called "The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens," burlesque circa 1920-1950.

There is a book about Dita, written by Dita.

10:52 AM  

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