Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why You Should Never Tell a Girl You Speak French

Year of Jenny: You speak French, right?

Sebastian: Don't you?

Year of Jenny: Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Sebastian: Oh yeah, your mom's from Brazil. What's up?

Year of Jenny: Can you translate this article from French Vogue about Pete Doherty for me?

Sebastian: Sure, it says... uh... now that Kate Moss is doing a line for Top Shop, he's doing a line for Gio-Goi in London that will unveil on December 7 at a secret location.

Year of Jenny: A top secret location?

Sebastian: Yeah but it's not secret. It's getting unveiled backstage before his first London concert solo, which is also on December 7.

Year of Jenny: How do you know that?

Sebastian: Because, uh, Sophia was talking about going.

Year of Jenny: WHAT?!

Sebastian: Calm down! Hey! Don't you have like Killers tickets or something?

Year of Jenny: This is So. Not. Okay.


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